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het-einde-van-de-vloed.jpg The end of high tide.
80 x 90 cm.

January 6 - 22, Jubilee Exhibition of Galerie Honingen, Gouda with all artists of the gallery.
March 31 - April 23, Double Enjoyment. Diptychs exhibition at Galerie Honingen.
September 1 - 24, Galerie Honingen 25 years, groupexhibition.

October 9 - November 6 SOLO Exhibition at Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen.

Permanent work on show with Galerie Bonnard, Nuenen, Galerie Honingen, Gouda, Galerie L'Oeil du Prince, Biarritz, France, Galerie Wildevuur, Hooghalen and Collectie Harms, Hof van Saksen.

Exhibitions 2022